Netbeans tip: Show Files starting with dot (.) [files like .gitignore / .hidden ] in NB Projects

By default Netbeans hides files starting with a dot (.) except the htaccess file.
You can change this behavior by going to
Tools > Options > Miscellaneous > Files
Here you will see “Ignored Files Pattern:” under “Files Ignored by the IDE”
I have changed the pattern to


and now I can see .gitignore, .hidden, etc. files in my projects.


PS: Thanks to Josh Pratt‘s post


How to Solve Netbeans Error “No tracked remote branch specified for local branch-name”

Short answer:
As of Git 1.7.0:
git branch --set-upstream foo upstream/foo

Long Answer:
Netbeans 7.3 introduce three new feature for git remote

  • Fetch from Upstream
  • Pull From Upstream
  • Push to Upstream

But whenever I tried to use this commands, it gave me the error
“No tracked remote branch specified for local branch-name”

After digging around for a while, I found the solution.
git branch --set-upstream branch-name remote-name/remote-branch-name

Thanks to this so answer:

Now set up keyboard shortcuts for the commands and also for commit and increase your productivity 😀

How To Make GP API Calls From Java Using Netbeans

How To Make GP API Calls From JAVA (Netbeans)

IDE : Netbeans 6.8(Will work on 6.7+ i hope)

1. First Create A New Java Desktop Application(File -> New Project -> Java -> Java Desktop Application). click next, give it a suitable name (eg Test), click finish.

Adding The WSDL:

1. Goto Save the page locally.

2. Then edit the 86th & 89th line. The new lines will be –

Line 86 :

<soap:address location=””/&gt;

Line 89 :

<soap12:address location=””/&gt;

3. Now go to Netbeans. In the Projects explorer(If you can’t find it, press Ctrl+1 or Window->Projects), select the new Project, right click it. Go to New->Other. Select Web Services from categories, select Web Service Client. Press Next. Select Local File: and set the locally saved file as the location. Click Finish

You are done adding the WSDL :-).

2. Design view will come up. Take a label from the Pallete(if you can’t find pallete you can press ctrl+shift+8 or go to Window->Pallete) and put it in the form. Then take a textfield and put it beside it. Now the view should be something like this

3. Change the jLabel1 text to “Please Enter The Mobile No: 017” and jTextField1’s Text to “xxxxxxxx”.

4. Select jTextField1, press right button, goto Events->Action->actionPerformed.

5. Write this code in the actionPerformed function:

WebServiceGPADPBizTalkLBSOrchestration service = new WebServiceGPADPBizTalkLBSOrchestration();

WebServiceGPADPBizTalkLBSOrchestrationSoap port = service.getWebServiceGPADPBizTalkLBSOrchestrationSoap();

LBSRequest req = new LBSRequest();

req.setRegistrationID(“YOUR ID”);

req.setPassword(“YOUR PASS”);


LBSResponse res = port.requestLocation(req);

String response =

“Status = ” + res.getStatus()+”\n”+

“Latitude = ” + res.getLatitude()+”\n”+

“Longitude = ” + res.getLongitude()+”\n”+

“Time = ” + res.getTimestamp()+”\n”;


JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, response);

6. Import these classes:





import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

7. Now execute with F6. This should show a prompt for mobile no, write it down, and press Enter.

8. Hopefully after some time you will get the result printed on console and in a dialog.

Happy coding 🙂